- Brutal Math Presents -

Chicago's Underground Horror Movie Marathon

Membership $25
Oct 29
October 29, 2015 @ 6P

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60608


Three films. Each progressively sicker than the last.

This is not a Halloween party. Don't bother with a costume. It's 6+ hours of horror, gore and survival terror. Dress comfortably.

Membership includes candy, pizza, entry to our private screening and a beer courtesy of Marz Community Brewing.

The evening will be dominated by scenes most viewers will find disturbing. Don't blame us if you end up losing your shit, crying, storming out or throwing up.

Stay for what you can stand. No judgment, no re-entry. 21+ with valid ID.

This year we've partnered with Public Media Institute to help raise funds for the launch of Lumpen Radio, Chicago's newest terrestrial radio station. WLPN-LP is operated by a community of curators working to connect listeners with the music and ideas they love. Their aim is to spotlight the hidden parts of the city, amplifying its voices and sounds.

Co✝S is honored to support WLPN-LP's mission to "promote an open media, unite communities and magnify the hard work of artists, musicians, activists and cultural workers."

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